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Survivor Income

Losing your spouse is the one of the worst that can happen in life. To add to your pain is the loss of the income he/she produced! Can you imagine going through the rest of your life with only a portion of the income you are living on right now? This is the importance of survivor income planning. We know for a fact that your combined Social Security benefits will be reduced to only one single benefit. What else could be eliminated? Pensions, retirement plans, annuities and life insurance benefits are passed to the declared beneficiary. But is that declared beneficiary you? Are you certain? If your spouse or partner has not updated his beneficiary declaration for each of the policies, then you may be at risk of not receiving income you had planned on.

At Retirement Income Specialists, we perform a thorough review to determine the appropriate beneficiary for each account. We confirm what benefits are available on pensions, and then create a strategic retirement plan to use those assets. This creates the most efficient benefit for you to continue to live your retirement in

Call us today at 805-644-3495 to schedule an appointment to review your current situation and create a new retirement plan that will address survivor income and prepare you for the rest of your retirement adventure. You may also wish to attend one of our Principles of Retirement Planning workshops to uncover future potholes
and speed-bumps in your retirement journey.