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Spousal Benefits

  • What happens when one spouse doesn’t work?
  • What if one spouse becomes disabled?
  • What is the reduction to the worker’s benefit if a non-working spouse claims benefits?
  • What is the Windfall Elimination Provision and how does it affect benefits?
  • What is the Government Pension Offset?
  • What happens if you are divorced?
  • Can a divorced spouse claim benefits against a former spouse?

These questions and more are answered in our Maximizing Social Security workshop. 

At Retirement Income Specialists, we host Social Security educational workshops where you can learn all the pitfalls and stumbling blocks that could derail your retirement plans.   Be sure to check out the EVENTS tab on this website for our upcoming Maximizing Social Security workshops.  Registration is MANDATORY.  Anyone failing to register for a Social Security class in advance may be denied entrance.

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