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The Path to a Successful Retirement

We’re all intelligent people who are capable of making sound decisions IF we are provided with all the  critical information. 

Unfortunately, most people who invest are not given all the critical information regarding proposed investments and insurance products.  Thus, they make the decisions with only  the information they have available to them and hope for the best.

Take for example, holding individual stocks inside a Traditional IRA.  When the stock gains in value, you are not required to pay taxes while holding the stock inside the IRA, but you must eventually withdraw the stock or the proceeds from the stock sale and pay income taxes at whatever tax level you are at  when you withdraw the funds from the IRA.  And if you lose value in the stock, you cannot deduct the loss inside a Traditional IRA since none of the IRA balance has ever been taxed; it’s like you never had that money.  However, if you held that same stock outside of the Traditional IRA, you would be able to write the losses off on your taxes, and if you gain value, the taxes would only be due on the sale of the stock and even then, you would pay capital gains tax which may be lower than your income tax level.

There are dozens of other tax inefficiencies that are taking place every day in the financial world because investors are not given all the critical facts prior to making their decisions, such as cash drag, turnover costs, inefficient use of taxation and phantom taxation.  These are just a few of the many ways you could be losing money without your knowledge.

Can we all agree that if some information is critical, then it is something you, as the investor, needs to know about?  Especially when we need to make an important decision?

Can we also agree that when we take an action, that action may have unintended consequences?  Do you want to know what those consequences could be BEFORE you make that critical decision?

                                                       WHAT’S MY POINT?

You must have a proven, data-driven process

You must have checklists to uncover all the important information.

You must know all the right questions to ask (if you don’t know something exists, you can’t type it into a Google search, can you?)

All of this allows you to uncover all the critical information so you can make a sound financial decision.

 At Retirement Income Specialists, we have a data driven, education-centric, proprietary process that permits us to uncover the stones to be sure we are addressing every situation.  We have checklists to confirm that we have looked over every possible angle and addressed each situation with a fine-tooth comb.

In retirement, tax efficiency will become extremely important to reduce the income drag most retirees will face.  If you pay more in taxes than you need to, then that will make your investment portfolio have to work that much harder, won’t it?  Any excess taxes you pay will be money you could have spent on something else. Coordinating resources to create a sustainable or predictable income stream with a taxable income insight is what Retirement Income Specialists does best.

 We invite you to join us in our process to determine how you can create a sustainable income stream while also paying the least amount of taxes that you are legally obligated to pay.  The easiest way to see if you qualify to pay less taxes is to attend one of our upcoming Social Security workshops.  Click on the link below to take you to our registration page and complete the information. The information you enter is kept in confidence and will not be shared with any other entity.