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Long Term Care

We all expect that retirement will be a utopian experience, and that nothing bad will happen. However, preparing for the unfortunate events is just as important as preparing for the adventures. By planning now, we can set in motion the arrangements to care for you if the need arises. At Retirement Income Specialists, we can prepare a strategic plan for you that covers the “what-ifs” and have a contingency plan in place to address those issues.

I want you to try this exercise: Sit in a chair and have your spouse or significant other try to lift you out of the chair without any assistance from you. If he/she is able to lift you, then ask that person to carry you around your home, bathe you, dress you, put you in a car, and essentially do everything for you that you would physically do yourself. If they are unable to do that now, then you would need someone else to perform those activities for you. In western Ventura County those costs range from $185-235 PER DAY! That equals $5,550-7,050 per month. You are more likely to need this when you are in your 70’s or 80’s. The cost is expected to increase to upwards to $20,000 PER MONTH!!!

We will create a retirement plan that takes those issues into consideration and find the right solution for you. Call us today at 805-644-3495 to make an appointment to review your current situation and create a new plan of action of or you. You may also benefit from attending one of our webinars that covers  many of the other critical speed-bumps and potholes you will encounter on your retirement journey.

Watch this video to hear Tom's personal long term care story.