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Retirement Income Specialists, The Local IRA Rollover Expert

Retirement Income Specialists, The Local IRA Rollover Expert



Who is Thomas Swan, CRPS(R), RICP(R)?

I am a normal guy who wants to help as many people as possible to retire with comfort and dignity.  I started in the financial services industry with nothing. I was in debt, I owned a home that was mortgaged to the hilt, and was barely getting by with a dead-end job.  Something needed to change.  Then one day a salesman knocked on my front door.  He asked me if I would be open to making a change and if I could cut my costs on something I was already paying for.

Well, sure.  Of course.  That salesman proceeded to tell me about the various financial planning products that I was spending too much money on, and how I could improve my own personal financial situation within the means I had at my disposal.

Fast forward 32 years and today I am a full-service wealth advisor paying it forward by doing the same service for others.  It is my passion to work with both men and women who are in transition from working for a living to living off accumulated assets.  When someone retires, that means they intentionally QUIT THEIR JOB, forcing them to rely on Social Security and their own personal investments. My clients cannot afford to invest in unsafe investments such as the stock market without first establishing a floor of protected income. This is what I do.  Then I guide them throughout their retirement to make sure they remain on their path and have the income they need for the remainder of their lives.

I hold various professional credentials that prove I know what I am doing, plus I am an active member of professional, and community service organizations that allow me to give back.

Click here for my CRPS credentials and what it means.

Click here for my NSSA credentials and what it means.