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Retirement Income Specialists

Retirement Income Specialists

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Let’s agree on two terms…..


 Can we agree that if something is critical, then that means it is something that we need to be aware of before we ever make a decision? Especially a significant decision?


 There are two parts to making a sound financial decision…

  •  First, you must understand the critical components associated with the needs and goals you are looking to accomplish.
  • Second, you need a clear understanding of how each decision you make will affect all of the other choices in your planning process.

There is a disconnect in the financial services industry and no one is talking about it.  Well, no one but me and a select few others.  When it comes to investments, most financial advisors will refuse to talk about how taxation effects the investment choices; in fact, often they are prohibited from giving any tax advice in relation to the investments being discussed.  But the CPA’s, Enrolled Agents and other tax advisors usually do not have any input in the decision making process to determine which investments to place their funds into.  They also don’t assist in the creation of a financial plan.  Their job is relegated to filling in the correct boxes on the tax return after the year is over and the tax damage is done.

At Retirement Income Specialists, we make sure each consumer has a full understanding of how their taxes will be effected by the investment decisions they make.  We take the extra step to help our clients navigate the murky waters of retirement planning and tax planning by coordinating with the client’s tax advisor to make sure we are guiding our clients to a well thought out retirement plan that produces the appropriate income level they desire and the least amount of taxation as possible.


Would you agree this is critical to know?

Do you think this could actually save you money?

What is our point??


It is imperative to have a documented process, with checklists to make sure that all the necessary information is gathered, and we ask all the right questions to furnish us with the Critical Facts to empower you make a Sound Planning Decision.

 That is what we do, and that is what sets us apart from all the other advisors.

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