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Retirement Income Specialists, The Local IRA Rollover Expert

Retirement Income Specialists, The Local IRA Rollover Expert



Retirement Income Specialists is a financial services firm focusing on planning for Retirees, Baby Boomers, and beneficiaries of inherited retirement plans. We specialize in executing IRA and 401k rollovers and helping you to create a sustainable income throughout retirement. Retirement Income Specialists will also help you overcome other life planning hurdles such as how to remain independent, prepare for long term care, maximize your social security benefits, monitor your medicare benefits, create and establish an estate plan to assure your loved ones receive the remains of your estate after your death.  Retirement Income Specialists also will assist in college funding for grandchildren, philanthropic desires and we can help you establish a legacy.

Retirement Income Specialists will take the guess work out of your retirement needs and help you to enjoy a worry-free and comfortable retirement.

Drawing on over 25 years of financial experience, Thomas Swan leads the team at Retirement Income Specialists to prepare you for retirement, transition from an employer-based financial plan to an individual agenda that will allow you to position yourself in the best possible situation to address your needs. Retirement Income Specialists are the LOCAL IRA and 401k rollover experts.

One important thing to consider, when choosing to work with Retirement Income Specialists, is our ability to break down the technical jargon and translate that information into everyday language. We will help you understand how money works, how the economy can work for or against you, and help you choose the course of action that is most suited to solving your particular situation.

Over the years, you may have accumulated funds in various retirement plans through old jobs, bank accounts, mutual funds, annuities and many other places to sock money away. Getting all those different accounts to work for you is a painstaking and stressful process. This is where Retirement Income Specialists can help. We will help you to consolidate those accounts and get them working for YOU, to produce a sustainable income flow for YOU, and make your life less stressful.

At Retirement Income Specialists, we will help you make dollars out of things that make no sense.